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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 3, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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collect walnut creek and police has singled out one park as a source of a lot of trouble there. now they're promising a zero tolerance. and in san francisco a cure for ross mikarimi plea to be united with his wife and son. final one could judge sent. in the group behind the pink ribbons waving the white flag. we have of the decisions to restore funds.
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>>pam: tonight at 8:00 p.m. we have increased patrols in--case talks and then there and joins us live with the latest. >> this was the first plant of the increase patrol after an extremely rowdy weekend last week in the police said they will be out and in force. we just saw a police car go by. >> there are and what ever shrinking the establishment of a very small area. we can go to some video-out earlier in the evening. things are much quieter people say is trusted him more--start to get wild leader convened and the overnight hours.
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>> they say things have been a big the problem barnes--brs. do they will have a meeting in city council steve and the tool that hadn't holland the issue--how in the old style with an eye to roll back our away from the time to
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>> and getting it to crumble again, and they are home for a the crowd on game day. >> commend this is it probably be 8 digit leaving it in the 49ers have run to live simple but he still expected it turned up. will run rule produced it would be restricted as for the other night he i
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information and potential victims come forward. the sheriff's investigators are public to identify possible additional victims during either of the suspects tenure at the elementary school. i am not aware of the connection her say, but obviously the took the same school and they know each other. i am not aware of any
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connection. >>pam: and the latest address the police said the girls were about 10 years old. the new developments tonight in the domestic abuse case against the embattled san francisco sheriff ross mikarimi. this was the scene as he and his wife was still under court order to stay a part left family court in san francisco today. they were hoping to have visitation rights set up so that he could see his son deal. the couples got to reporters separately after the court appearance. >>pam: maybe i was getting a look too hopeful. i terribly missed my family my son. that is what i was hoping for to be reunited with my son. i miss him terribly and
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he misses me. ahead of the family were hoping that the court would do it did today with to set a hearing date. that did not have can we are not at this plant.
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>>jacqueline: it is common to be chilly overnight in a number of spots. we have 30's overnight a nice comfortable afternoon to do weekend. >>jacqueline: i'll have more on the weekend forecasts in rain next week and just love it.
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get the droid razr by motorola in three new colors for $199.99. only at verizon. white is the color of amor! talk to >>reporter: who had just obtained the dramatic surveillance video to move the talks will introduce--
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has just received video of the robbery of this taco trucks. i will show you more and i have a full report coming up at 11:00 p.m. tonight. >>jacqueline: a live look outside from the vercammen downtown santa a we have clear skies it will be colder i will have details coming up. ♪
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well patient advocacy group once again fund planned parenthood projects. this is a stunning reversal from just a few days ago. >>reporter: reach the susan g. coment you your board of directors began by saying her sari.--sorry. the foundation was under fire for changes to it grandpa's leave that cut $600,000 for planned a hearing live. all repair regionally said it was because planned periled under investigation by a
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federal committee. they later changed the justification oan on faith and twitter, koeman and was widely criticized and then date change their perspective. >>reporter: direct that russia had amounted. more than two dozen centers send a letter among them this finish of new jersey. rock group to report >> and rainier in the
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shipper will not achieve one that it will allow the dream to be discouraged. the with- and by other of playing politics with women's health can get to >>reporter: there were a few resignations of them cooling the funding. another went on the verge of quitting over the issue. >> i am thrilled. i believe it that goes to us and them her chapter are relieved court and we believe that it is played and the national award to change a group decision that they and they would not >>reporter: walk not everyone is east, while there are a lot people expressing some more, these are dismayed saying, you >>reporter: planned
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parenthood raise her a $3 million this week alone. now the fbi learned that anonymous was to is listed in vienna on an fbi call work and that call was about bringing down these have the collective. the have informational and sensitive information that >>kimberlee: rate that call was the missing of system duron, to also meet an account was hacked. it today and on the club a new a and checking it picked will succeed leo and information from the fbi agent setting off a call. who will be hot when they also posted a is
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not the audio recording of the confidence to hold him in the end has confirmed this is authentic humaa lot more officer >>kimberlee: only had one as he has said he calls and if a woman forced to that office is only a and illegally obtained. criminal investigation is underway to help hold hold accountable and identify them. her for a shock >>jacqueline: high rate with on tap for the week ticket at a cloudless sky. we will see more cloud coverage moving in tomorrow and sunday. we have chilly conditions for the morning
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hours. and as we head into the afternoon, we was the most recent skies. temperatures will home of one degree or two degrees. your to we do have giants fans fest out there tomorrow. you may need a sweater and a jacket. and we do have the changes come into forecast as we head into next week, rain is on the way. >>reporter: you are looking at pictures from a hit-and- run accident that happened in san jose year earlier this evening. about 4:30 p.m. to car collided at the intersection of san carlos. one of the drivers fled on foot. police caught up with the suspect when men has been taken into custody in the other driver involve was
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transported to a nearby hospital. and san francisco for men suspected of stealing apple computer project are seen human then broke into new securities trucks and why the truck for girls stop in--at stores. >>gary: coming a plea in this broadcast who have buster posey. we will do you live mill as will leader in this broadcast.
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>>pam: tragedy strikes and east bay high school after two students were killed this week. both students
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attended the same high school the tragic events started on sunday after the senior tier a crowder was struck by a train. his coach and one of his close friends since he was a special young man. member >> he was a great kid who played both running back and outside linebacker. he really helped us with this pasture on the varsity level. i enjoyed sitting with him each and every day at lunchtime finger off of my desk at the to the table to the classroom. will family rented a cottage, to get the call me on to college. eric have known him as if any in sweet kid but one has very serious about his studies. but he was an honor roll student is pass the measure and he was a real good football clear. everyone on campus him as an athlete also in new hampshire and new hunt for his he was loved by
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everyone. >>reporter: the day after the second student was killed during a recreational accident. who's >> he always made me laugh and live always kennametal what >>reporter: hannah says the issue always have formally of her boyfriend and 18 year-old to the with recently killed after being struck by a car while skating. a memorial is being held on friday. >> everyone cared about him and showed everybody how he had so much love. he is looking down and appreciate all of it, that it didn't. >>reporter: counselors have been on hand this week to help students deal with the
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tragic. >> students were given a chance to sign messages to that out her and of love that this to and show them during the memorial.
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visits added another to lead to an 57,000 jobs >>pam: select and implement a break and three lawyers and wall street is soaring. highest close since 2008. the s&p jumped past the hit 2000 levels. >> the economy is growing stronger. >>pam: that growth is now spreading to the bay area. the national restaurant association is predicting record revenues this year as the improvement in the economy tripled down to restaurant all across the nation. dan kerman looks at the effect that that is having on the res. >>reporter: if it seemed to favor less to live far beyond these days it is not as your imagination. jeff
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nopalito restaurant says that business has been on a swing and that continues. it is so good that he has hired more employees including a manager. >>reporter: right of black and decoding a restaurant association says that this the ups and when should continue through 2012 and a --. >> with the job is increasing in the bay area, jobs look and people often go out team--help to eat. it
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>> i think we have been benefiting from this has abounded that have been doing better to the economy. >>reporter: what ever it is the severe all connected. once in the door people are spending more on appetizers, wind, and deserve. >> we see more people and getting certain things like a chocolate cake and that makes a difference. >>pam: silicon valley is one of the hottest job markets in the country. >>reporter: the milpitas this company 307 of will he says a 15% increase in it and look for a period your there are expectations of that this will continue to reduce year and beyond the
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this is the fifth largest semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the world that have survived a downturn and now going back to life. >>reporter: the company has job openings for engineers, manufacturers, operations personnel if willis health and marketing people. silicon valley is slowly beginning to look alive again. the south bay is now tied in houston for the fastest growing market in the country. >>pam: newest restaurant are being completed. today we had a two ahead of several openings in the coming this
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is all part of the $30 million takeover for the downtown space. all of the new tenants will be in by spring. now if you keep your mortgage rate may be too high your like thousands of other people who showed up in bay leaf city at the american dream event. >> these people and the can to to come and meet face to face with their lenders to make it personal. >>pam: you could see the hundreds of people back to the event for the sun came up this morning. we talked with 1 woman that is giving it the helping hand. >> i am indeed it is today and before my birthday and the celebration starts in alchemy
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>>reporter: she has a reason to be ecstatic she sat in this for nine hours but now has eight or more detail. >> 72.--mine was 7.5 percent reduced down to 2: 5%. will that lord my mortgage the $700 per month. a group with whom >> it is in little time consuming but you have to be willing to put in the time. if you will put in that time ran you get the 25 per dollar reduction in a in your monthly mortgage payment, i do that sentiment is that in a day >>reporter: some people were up to date on their payments and were unable to get a reduction. as
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>> my day started out just like it ended up and i'm just happy. >>reporter: keep in mind this yvette continues off to the weekend if you plan on coming out near schedule some time. some people were here for eight hours and nine hours on friday. >>pam: it is a question confronting millions of the baby boomer generation how to make sure that amal live my savings? >>reporter: 60 million americans rely on 401k account to fund their retirement. many have a pension that gives a fixed income for as long to live. at 84 on one case a lump-sum and that can vary with the stock market since you do
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not know how long you will live, you're basically gambling. it--and the new treasury the premier rules will make easier for him. send your 65 years old and have about $200,000 in your 401k, you'll be able to take at 300 thousand dollars and purchase -- the insurance is an annuity that begins only if you're lucky enough to last to they did 85 who came you $17,000 per year. >>jacqueline: we see a few high clouds approaching now but we will have cooler temperatures on tack. take a look.
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>>pam: a business in the sunset district was robbed at gunpoint last night. let the men walked into the business with a gun and demanded money. later the employee noticed that the weapon with a bb gun he chased the thief but did not catch him. now there was a tool alarm fire at a downtown restaurant earlier this morning. flames erupted
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in the kitchen of this restaurant near the h p pavilion. there was significant damage to the rest from the luckily nobody was hurt. a and $73 million to settle this the university to research air traffic control system in a his five-year grant is a large is that the university has ever received. >>stanley: coming up, 4000 hong cars coming off 97,000 lb. muni the larvae. i will show you where in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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the >> the cost of the commercial spots are a record high. >>reporter: advertises during the game are in for some small screen q it is an estimated $3.5 million for a commercial during the super bowl spot and. >>vern: he always wanted to this spot and then for weeks or days after people can talk about it and share. milan >> now people are stunned to share it before a land war because it is they found were visible to
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recruit, kim >> i have and food will balloon right to you can post your to place book and then game--then, you can leave ha. arco viewers them and allow this has led some. the new >>pam: coming the next hearing his loving wife alecia. they will open up the kron4 mill back and answer your questions. gary has the latest of next.
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emma the average in week of in light rail vehicle is a possibly 97,000 lbs. that is per car with no passengers. the average weight of an automobile is the 4,000 lbs. without passengers. in a collision the 97,000 lb.
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frame would win every time. however, finding drivers' cutting off the unit--d l r visa is awful. here at the end harvey always have the right of way. in one wants to cross the intersection drivers should look, but many do not because this is san francisco and waiting is not in our blood and in some cases me there are good driving skills. this would cut right in front just did it parking spaces from your some of it then, they've discovered that could not wait for 30 more seconds. in the upper one the other problems is driver's religion left-hand turns from the right and lane. her in hampton and right-hand turns from the left-hand
8:47 pm
lane. and his driver then drive in the crosswalk so that she can get parking spaces. i hear that it even in worse for pedestrians for, but the morning commute to i guess in of the visit is definitely in order and will not hide him him a student, or story idea for stanley e. ellis said behaving badly. h'm-- >>jacqueline: in look at the satellite and radar picture, we will see a few storms coming in through the weekend. storms will make it through on monday and tuesday. here is a look in your future forecast. by 4:00 p.m. we see some heavy rain over the no. 8. we continue in the morning when it showers. none in the year
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to the forecast we have a nice weekend on tap. get out there and enjoy the outdoors this weekend. we do have a change in temperatures coming up with the rain to be back to normal in no time. >> baseball season is just around the corner. brian wilson showed off his beard. he is keeping it today. and buster posey says he is not just 100 percent. and 10 them succumb is talking about his new two year contract. >>vern: click like giant pitcher tim the succumb leaving the door open to be a career dry and after his
8:49 pm
contract expires. the other topic is the catcher buster posey has recovered fully from a broken ankle last may? >> it feels good and i think the games will be and it hold level. >> i think will be exciting for all the fans to see buster. i think it is pretty huge for all of us to get back to the program. >>vern: that this will be the giants' fan fest on saturday. >> i expect an orderly manner chaos and i'm excited for. >>gary: i hate to say it, but as long as he wins, it is funny. but if you are
8:50 pm
losing and looking like that, that would be ridiculous. now tomorrow they expect 40,000 people. >> that is great. >>gary: no, it is a mob scene. i remember my dad said he never went anywhere free. what she would never go to the beach, because of his free and then you know he went some way were they would charge $1. if you say it's free, then people.... >>gary: up again, that is a cook and to think about. when every is free in just a little bit more right. right? ok anyway i'll take
8:51 pm
that back. and we take a quick break someone is calling me a traitor for looking forward to the super bowl. and alecia are you ready to go? >> yes i am. >>gary: why not charge a dollar for this segment. >> it is free. >>gary: we will be back in just a moment.
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>> stephen said the falling. >>gary: you want to get annoyed, we are going to the super bowl, we have too great quarterbacks and to really good teams. i can't believe that if you like ford niners and the of the ticket. >> henry says the following. were >>gary: out if you have to put in by a minute, mike little and then? and let me
8:55 pm
put it this way i do not feel like any more negative it. so is the brady went his people can claim that he is on par with joe montana is. charging 10 and 25 on a tribute to watch shows how greedy the nfl is. >>gary: but i would not agree more. but have seven dozen seats, it is what everyone in for free. no, but charge $1 $25 they could market their picture taken with the players, the could not talk to players and i
8:56 pm
just did to me that is taking advantage. we have a billion dollar industry that is predicated by fan loyalty and defense purchasing had to watch your television in purchasing tickets, to throw them a bone. $25 to sit there and fan across the field he is moving his lips. >> and you are always minute of about recruiting in college sports, what gives? >>gary: alecia it to you this way if it is the one a million guys like labraun james and yuma will be national figures for a known time, them cooling hit. these are all nice kid but you start to the a were always you in living and that is where i come from. you are 18 in been catered to like that. >> ryan said the foam--the
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following. >>gary: you hate that. >> a enough already, get a free suit for me. ♪
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